Life a Pond Over…

Although, I am having a grand old time in Firenze I am beginning to miss a few things here and there from back home. I am aware I have been here for almost two months and I won’t be experiencing all of the stages of culture shock, especially since my family was visiting Europe for quite some time, but the struggle might be becoming a little too real recently. I’ve been receiving many messages from other students asking me about my experience abroad and if I recommend this or that. First off, every single experience is different depending on many factors, but regardless I wanted to share some things I miss from home thus far.


When I mentioned each person’s experience differs I mostly meant it depends on the season. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have studied abroad during the summer because this entire month has been a scorching 99+ degrees. Our apartment doesn’t have any air conditioning so we are really REALLY riding the struggle bus with this one. Last week, LdM provided a tiny air-conditioning unit that barely does anything for the size of our apartment. We decided to put it in the common area so we could all share it so now we all sleep in there. If we had a/c, this entire experience would be 10x better. Americans are really spoiled, to say the least. REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU ARE LIVING THROUGH A CRISIS (First World Problem, really).

Cheap, iced coffee

As much as I love Starbucks, sometimes you just need the D. I miss driving to Dunkin Donuts during Happy Hour for their large iced coffee. I did this often during school days when I just need a revamp for the day. Coffee is amazing here, but many places still struggle with the concept of Iced Coffee. It’s around 80+ degrees in the morning, you really think I’m going to want a hot coffee right now? NO. Which brings me to…


I miss having the freedom of driving. Most people walk here and it’s great and all, but before I flew to Paris I experienced one of the highlights of my trip. I say highlights because it’s in the past, but it was really a flight-and-response moment. Apparently, it’s really difficult to find a taxi at 4:45 am. I needed to go to the airport to catch my flight to Paris. I previously heard about this from my friends so I called the night before to assure that taxis would be available at this time. False. The lady on the phone wasn’t even understanding me. After I told her my location, she just said “okay” and played this little music. It sounds like a joke, but it took about an hour to finally get one. The entire process of it was too hysterical to even believe. If you’re my friend on Snapchat though, I wasn’t kidding when I recorded the man on the bicycle dragging my luggage. Yep, that was my form of transportation TO FIND A TAXI… #OnlyInItaly


LOL. The eye-candy is phenomenal in Europe, yes, but the whole language barrier is a bXtch. Plus, you just have to be extra cautious abroad. You don’t want to end up like Taken 3. All jokes aside, it can be dangerous to go off with the wrong person. We were warned the most about this so sadly, I haven’t found my Paolo. (Good thing for my American boys (; ) No, but seriously, my friends here and I joke about how excited we are to get back to our boys from home. We also question if we even remember how to talk to the opposite sex. HAAA. We are all single ladies in our apartment so you hear a lot of boy jokes around here.

Those are the top three things I miss. I’m looking forward to coming back to America and flying not having to live out of a suitcase. I know it looks glamorous and my Insta feed has been Tumblresque, but the abroad life is hard work. Speaking of, I have more midterms tomorrow better start studying for those.

Ciao friends!


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