Lisa in Paris

5:00 pm

Italy, France, and then some.

I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote, but it’s been one hectic, h u m i d, past week. I had the previous week off because it was in the middle of the summer class sessions. Luckily for me, my family came from Chicago to visit. Both of my parents came along with my sister-in-law and my two nieces. Now, before you think how horrible we are for bringing a 4-month-old teeny human on this trip, let me tell you she is the calmest baby on the planet. She does what a regular baby does with approximately 15 minutes of crying for an entire week. Meaning, she barely cries. I can’t wait until she grows up and is old enough to tell her about this trip. She won’t believe it. I’m hoping someone younger in my family follows my footsteps one day and decides to study abroad. Not only to experience what I’m going through, but to experience an extraordinary trip. Like I am constantly writing about, it’s just been amazing to meet so many new people around the world that I would normally never get a chance to meet if I was just in the States in my collegetown.


I traveled to Paris with my family and it was exactly how fairytales make it out to be. Breathtaking. Our hotel ended up being about four minutes away from it so we had a perfect view. It was glamourous to say the least. I constantly took pictures of it and it was a sight I never got sick of. I will definitely be going back. I was just in awe at the Parisian architecture. As a child, I wasn’t too interested in European history, let alone French history, but after visiting Europe I wish I would have taken more history courses. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m old enough to appreciate it now or because I am actually visiting these places, but I am simply intrigued and eager to learn more. We also saw the Mona Lisa. She is in the Louvre Museum (the one with the cool glass panel pyramid) in Room 6 on the First floor if you’re interested in going soon. LOL though, because even if they tell you the location it still is so difficult to find. That little bXtch is so hidden you almost miss it. She is not as big as I thought she was and being in that museum makes me realize she might just be a little more important than Queen Bey. Sorry Beyoncé, maybe that’s why your boo (Jay-Z) wrote about his “n*ggas going gorillas in Paris” CAUSE THEY COULDN’T FIND THE MONA LISA. Anyway, she is THE most famous painting in the world. She has a glass case over her and there is also a line in front of her to see her. People go nuts for this chick. I was almost more amused by the chaos than the actual Mona Lisa, but that’s just me. I mean, this middle-aged woman was standing beside me attempting to take a photograph of her late 20/early 30-year-old daughter in front of the painting, but she had it on panoramic mode so she was FAILING miserably. I politely told her I could help her and her daughter freaked the eff out and snatched the phone from her mother. RUDE. I understand people constantly warn you about the pickpocketers, but you are standing in front of the Mona Lisa for crying out loud meaning there is also three cops standing beside her. I’m not trying to steal your iPhone 5, lady. Take a chill pill.


Downside of this past week and these past few days has been the weather. It’s been extremely hot and it’s been making the trip slightly less enjoyable, but I’m still trying to enjoy it and the views. I have to go throughout my days without doing much to my hair because of how hot it is. If I do it, I’ll just have to put it up in a ponytail so I don’t even bother anymore. So it’s a little discouraging for a fashionista. This reminds me, however, make sure you follow me on Instagram for a closer look of all of my photographs I’ve been snapping away. It gets a little more personal and in detail there. Too obsessed with picture taking. It really is one of my favorite hobbies (this includes selfies).


That’s it for now. I’m not trying to overwhelm you. Now, go enjoy your nice A/C with some Starbucks because I surely miss it here in Italia.


Liz Zee.


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