beats and beaches with my bXtches in barcelona…

gettin’ my writing in early this evening– 3:11 pm.

Ciao friends!

Let’s be real. I will most definitely not be updating my blog more than once a week. Time truly does fly here. Between drinking wine, eating crepes, and traveling my time is more limited than I expected. I can’t even believe I have been here for a month already. It feels like it’s been two weeks. My final exam is tomorrow which reminds me, I passed my midterm with flying colors. YAY! Not that I was too worried about it, but while taking the exam I noticed that a language barrier still exists. The way some of the questions were written was something American college students are not used to.

Anyway, today is Hump Day, also known as Wine Wednesday here! Woot-Woot! (LOL. Every day is Wine Day here.) It’s a holiday in Italy today and we didn’t have class yet again. I know, I know. We live such a difficult life abroad.



If you have been keeping up with me on other social networks, you may be aware that I traveled to Barcelona, Spain this past weekend. Let me tell you a few things about the good ol’ Barc. It’s absolutely beautiful, but this was the first place I felt a bit of a culture shock. i think it was mostly because of the language. I’m fluent in Spanish and I was not expecting to have difficulty with the language here, but it was the first place where I experienced some confusion. Thank you, Catalan Spanish. I am always the most confused when I visit restaurants. The customer service is so strange compared to what we are accustomed to. Do I pick a seat to sit at or do I wait to be seated? Do you bring me the check or do I pay at the register? Do I tip you orrrr did you just take 300000 minutes to bring me my food that it’s my choice, regardless? I wish I would have done some more research before traveling to Europe, but then again, every country varies so it’s one of those things you have to experience and slowly hope you learn more as you go.

The city itself, however, was spectacular. It was the perfect mixture of historic architecture with modern buildings. The people were also very modern and had an almost punk style to them. My roommate, Callie, loved it. Unfortunately, we were only there for the weekend so we didn’t get to experience it to the fullest. We did eat tapas, though. Oh my gawddddddddd. The food in Spain was by far one of my favorites. Then again, I haven’t really had any terrible food in Europe. Imagine this tiny, but perfect chic place with exposed brick decorated in black and red. I swear, Europeans are all about aesthetics and visuals and I am definitely about it. This Spanish restaurant was called “SensiTapas.” We each ordered two dishes of Tapas. I ordered Shrimp Ceviche and Duck, but, of course, we began with Sangria. I’m currently drooling just thinking about how amazing this place was. We normally don’t even get dessert, but we enjoyed this place so much we gave it a try. Just as expected, the desserts were perfect.

I am currently struggling because my iPhone 5 no longer has storage space to keep all of my photographs so I need to figure that out ASAP. Sigh. I should have done that in America. The Friday we were there we went to Sonar Music Festival and I wasn’t able to save my videos. That experience was exhilarating, mostly because it was in Barcelona. I’ve been to music festivals in America, but had to experience one in Europe. Many of the artists that were playing were older Punk (ish) artists so we decided to go on Friday when A$AP Rocky and Skrillex were playing. I’m so glad we decided to go because it was worth seeing how music festivals in Europe are done. The place was ENORMOUS. I’m not even sure what kind of venue this place was, but it was great. There was also a lot of people, but nowhere close to America. It was a lot more spread out and comfortable. (I never thought I would be saying this about a festival, but it was exactly like this.) I was with other friends that liked Skrillex so we ended up being in the front of his set. (Yes, I realize how basic I sound saying I was in the front. *eyeroll*) Whatever. Every minute was worth it.


Most importanly, though, I am experiencing a trip of a lifetime and making the most out of every second. I am meeting people across the world I would have never met if it wasn’t for this opportunity. I recently began reading a book titled “The Defining Decade” and so far, I am in love with it. It’s written by a psychologist and almost sounds like a self-help book, but I don’t think it could have came a more fitting time in my life. I will be writing more about this when I finish it.


Liz Zee.

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