Packing One Oh One

June 17, 2015 @ 10:51 p.m. (

Wouldn’t it just be AH-MAZE if we could transport our closet to anywhere in the world? Girllll, tell me about it. Fashion is my passion and I want it everywhere I go. Unfortunately, it all adds up and it equals kilos and then you get this thing called “overweight” luggage which leads to literally throwing away potential spending moola. So, let me tell you from experience exactly what you need to pack for Europe so you don’t look like a  b a s i c American betch. First and freakin foremost, leave your yoga leggings and Old Navy flip-flops back in the States. Don’t be that girl. But for real, here is the ultimate list of what you need so you don’t end up bringing 50 pounds of bullshit…

  • Dresses: I don’t mean super dressy spring dresses. You’ll be fine with a couple basic colored dresses that you can either dress up or down. I mostly brought dresses and they’re my favorite article of clothing to wear. Not to mention, they are super easy to pack. You can roll those babies up easier than a Chipotle burrrrrito. (Roll your R’s, babyyy.) (; Maxis are perfect for a late night dinner with your girls and anyone can pull them off. Shorter, looser dresses are an easy go-to from day to night.
  • Comfortable shoes: This one is pretty self-explanatory. You will be doing a lot of walking and hiking, so bring those comfy shoes so you can get those amazing pics for Insta. Believe me, it’ll be worth it. Depending on your style, you can either bring Converse or a pair of Nikes.
  • Rain Jacket: Again, pretty self-explanatory. Mother Nature happens, so better to be prepared than sorry. A light, basic colored one will be the best option. One that you can easily match with all of your outfits.
  • Sunglasses: This one was on the top of my list for two reasons. One because it gets super hot and you want to protect your lovely eyes, but also because in case, you had a late night or are a little you know… hanging, then you can always wear them. People that don’t use sunglasses to their advantage are plain dumb. Those things come in handy.
  • Baseball Hat: This one is pretty much similar to sunglasses. You can protect yourself from the heat while also making a fashion statement. Also, you can hide a bad hair day with one of these. COME ON, LADIES. Use fashion to our advantage. We have no limits. (;
  • Swimsuit: I brought a few just because they’re easy to pack and because you will be visiting a couple beaches so better to be prepared.
  • Statement Necklace(s): Obviously, you want to limit yourself on jewelry since most of it tends to weigh a lot. So limit yourself to one or two statement necklaces that can be versatile.
  • Shorts: Ok, this one comes with a few special rules. Italians do not wear shorts unless they’re going to the beach. Try to save these for your trips on the beach and possibly music festivals, if you plan to go to any. Try not to wear them to class because your professors will judge you. I prefer high-waisted shorts over short shorts, but it truly is a personal preference.
  • Dark Pair of Jeans: They will be so easy to wear when you need to assemble a quick outfit! Bring a dark pair so you won’t have to wash it often. Dark denim tends to not get dirty as easily. You won’t have time to do laundry so try to keep it to a minimal.
  • Ultimate yogas: I know, I know. I said no to yogas, but this one is also an exception. Invest in a quality pair of Lululemons or Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Yogas and wear them for your trips on buses, planes, or trains. They’re comfortable and they look way better than regular yogas. You can also dress these up, if necessary. They truly a versatile and you will thank me for this one.
  • YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE: This one should be number one, but you are going abroad for Christ’s Sake. I had to give up some pairs of Steve Maddens to not pay $100 of overweight and my usual self would have a fit about this, but sometimes you just have to be out with the old and IN with the ITALIAN…S…HOES. SHOES. Bring your best attitude and open-mind to learn and experience new things. This is the trip of a lifetime. You don’t want to ruin it for yourself, your potential Instagram pics, or your new roomies! (;

Best of luck to every single one of you packing to study/travel abroad! You are going to L O V E it!


Liz Zee 


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