wine, cigs, and carbs //


I am having the time of my life here. Every day passes by so quickly and it never seems to be boring no matter what I do. This weekend, my roommate and I decided to lay low and not go on a trip so we opted to stay in the good ol Flo Flo. It was not bad at all. I think we’re pretty pooped from the lack of sleep and previous tripimages so we enjoyed relaxing. Before hand, I apologize for any mistakes you may find. I am typing this on my phone because unfortunately last Friday, my MacBook charger decided to blow out on me and I was not able to find one in town. So my mom is sending one from home. (THANK YOU MOM!) I also asked her to send me an Apple converter because now I am paranoid my laptop might end up messing up here as well. The electricity issue is something I cannot get used to. We had two blow outs in the apartment last week because we had the oven on and the shower running. Luckily, my laptop is still working though so I can’t complimageain. I also cheated the system and downloaded an extension to be able to watch Netflix. (YAY for binge watching FRIENDS!)

Although, this weekend was uneventful scenic wise, I still had a blast. My roommate Lindsay is in a Fashion Photography class and I had to model for her. It was honestly so much fun. It was a bit strange though because the Italians kept looking at me while we were shooting on the street, but all I thought was “I could be a famous American model and you just don’t know me” sooooo I just did what I like doing best and worked the camera. Honestly, thank God for my B O L D personality because these things can get intimidating. The photoshoot was a little more dark than I am used to. She needed to have a storyline and I had to play a BADASS girl. So, if you see these pictures posted on any of my social media, no I did not become a rebel in Italy. It was all for show. 😉 I happened to be smoking a cigarette in a few. It was a great experience. I love doing these photoshoots for my friends’ assignments. She knew I would be a little nervous since we were going to be in a natural setting so she poured me a glass of wine before we left. LOL. We are a riot together. Shout-out to Lindsay because she’s making this experience amazing.

GELATO– oh my lanta! Linds and I have I discovered the most amazing organic gelato. I am not exaggerating when I say it is to die for. It is organic so the quality is amazing. They make the cones right in front of you so when you order your cone it is fresh and warm. I ordered a combination of cinnamon and crema and it has been my favorite place of all of Italy.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

It is called Edoardo Gelato Biologico and also  right by our apartment so we will be visiting quite often. The only downside is the line is always so incredibly long. I can’t wait to take my parents there when they come visit.

Zee Bar Life– ok, ok I know you’re thinking it and if you’re my friend on Snapchat you know I’m celebrating that nightlife. We’ve been going out a little more during the night now. I love it. We finally found a few places we like. Luckily, Lindsay is also 22, so we both have experience with bars and clubs. Many of the students who are studying abroad are about 19-20 so they REALLY enjoy being out. We’ve lived it for awhile now so we tend to not go too crazy. We prefer bars over clubs because clubs get a little too creepy for us. There is a bar called “Red Garter” that we love. They play karoke in one area and it is a great time to watch and singalong. We finally feel like somewhat locals here. I actually caught myself saying “there were tourists…” to Lindsay one day and she looked at me and laughed because clearly, so are we. Ahhh, I can already taste the depression/culture shock I will be having when I return to America.

Ciao mis amores! Besos!

(I’m trilingual now 😉)


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