Hey, what’s up, hello

10:40 pm

Ciao a tutti!

I apologize for breaking my promise and not posting at least five times a week. It turns out the Italian life is a bit more busy than I expected (still more relaxing than the American lifestyle). So much has happened since my last blog post that I do not even have the slightest idea of where to begin. So, let me try to break it down for ya…

To begin, today was a fabulous Wednesday. I do admit I went out last night with my roommate and one of my ISU friends to experience the nightlife a little more. With the being said, I started off my day later than usual, but hey that’s part of the experience, right?!? RIGHT. After finally getting out of bed, I decided to head to my favorite coffee shop by the Duomo. They definitely know me by now. Upon arriving today, one of the waiters greeted me by calling me “Pocahontas”. The temperature has been on the extreme hot side this week and I decided to put my hair in a low bun with a headband across my forehead (one of my signature looks) and with my tan skin, apparently I look Native American. I ended up staying there for awhile to work on homework and he had a short conversation with me. He guessed my nationality correct on the first try (WOW! no one ever does this). I actually really enjoyed talking to him for a bit after being disappointed with another coffee shop yesterday morning. After visiting Astor Cafe and the guy taking about four minutes to acknowledge me I was so unsatisfied and decided my little local place deserved my love. Everyone recommends this café, but it’s very Americanized so I rather stick to the little coffee shop I fell in love with on the first day.

Anyway, I get to class and the first thing my professor says is “You look Indian! I like your headband! It’s nice!” with her sweet Italian accent. Apparently, I really do look like Pocahontas when I wear my hair like this. I’ll take this as a compliment. Pocahontas is a natural beauty. Plus, I always wanted to be a cast member at Disney World and play the Pocahontas role. After getting this Native American remark twice within the hour, I decided I had to share this with all of my readers.

Here it is:


Schoolwise: Classes are f l y i n g by. My midterm is already this Monday (WHAT.) and I cannot believe how quickly time is passing by. Although class seems long, I am truly enjoying it and it is making me super excited to go back home to my internship at gigi BOTTEGA. I cannot wait to apply all of the marketing concepts I am learning to my real life experiences. In addition to this, I feel as if simply living here has already expanded my thoughts on a variety of things. (YAY! This was what I was hoping for.)

Unfortunately, not everything in life can be perfect. Last Thursday, I received some terrible news. After getting out of my class, I received one of the worst texts ever.  My friend, Darcy Chobar, had been in a car accident and passed away. To be honest, it was one of my biggest fears when coming abroad. The last thing you want is losing someone while you’re miles away. It was something very difficult to process while being away from home. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think everyone wants to believe that a sweet little Heaven does exist. I don’t think I have ever wished for Heaven to be real for our loved ones who have passed than this exact moment. A person like Darcy deserves to live on and keep on dancing somewhere forever.

I wasn’t as close as Darcy as I would have liked to be, but we had mutual friends, partied together, and texted about things girls text. Our paths crossed last year when we shared many similar interests. I met her at one of my friend’s house at ISU. It is extremely heartbreaking and difficult to describe Darcy’s personality. She had the most welcoming, warm heart and saying she was full of life is an understatement. I could go on and on, but I think her friend describes her incredibly well in this blog post  and writes exactly how I felt about our friendship. Rest in Paradise, Darcy. I am so happy I was lucky enough to meet you last summer. You are a role model to so many. darcy

Congrats, if you’re still reading after this long ass post, then you, my friend, rock.

Ciao, my loves. Don’t forget to live everyday like it’s the best day of your life.



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