First Day of School @ LdM

Currently 5:25 am. Listening to John Mayer (XO is amazing.) The first day of classes was amazing to say the least. (Oh goodness. Really need to get my nails redone. The baby stiletto nails are difficult to type in.) I began my afternoon walking to find the gym with my roommate, Callie. LdM gave us a few options for gyms and different workout classes so I really wanted to try them out. Unfortunately, one of them was closed and the second one was expensive so we decided to wait to sign up. Luckily, I ended up not getting lost walking around town this time so I was in a great mood regardless. I even had time to buy an iced coffee before class. I found a coffee place by the duomo that serves iced coffee and it tastes AMAZING! Although, it is a bit pricy so I am trying to limit

myself. ANYWAY, back to my classes at Lorenzo de’ Medici. My first class was Fashion Marketing. My professor was brilliant. I was so right about the passion these professors hold. They are simply so knowledgeable and passionate about their careers. It is an admirable trait because as a student you know they will really be there for you. To begin, my professor is the textbook definition of what I (and Sophia Amoruso) would call a GIRLBOSS. She arrived to campus ON A MOTORCYCLE. I swear most people in the fashion field are naturally spontaneous and adventurous that it makes me love my major even more. Although, she is flawless and in stunning shape I knew she had to be in her early 50s, but her soul is not a day over 21. I could not help but analyze her outfit. She was wearing white ankle jeggings, a white tank top with a pale pink lace blazer and about six inch pumps. For accessories, she was wearing mostly Tiffany + CO. Her arm candy consisted of Tiffany bracelets and silver Alex and Ani bracelets. I was impressed. I would have worn this outfit. (I think I OWN this outfit minus the blazer.) As she continued talking, she was only more impressive. She worked in the fashion field for twenty-five years. She has experience working for Bloomingdale’s and Target, has been to all countries except New Zealand, and is also a mother. GIRLBOSS, GIRLBOSS, TOTAL GIRLBOSS. You can only imagine how excited I was to be there. Impressive all around. I had to take small notes on her life so I could be able to share it with all of my readers. As the lesson went on, I realized she was also brilliant as a professor. She was easy to understand and her lecture were interesting, which is also admirable because not everyone is blessed in this department. This entire experience in Italy has been humbling and I am so grateful to be able to be here. So, with all of the amazing views and friendships I will encounter, let us not forget why I am here this summer– to enhance my education and broaden my knowledge in the fashion industry. CIAO Fashionista/os! XOXO. -Liz Zee ❤


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