Italia, Italia: My Newfound Love

May 31, 2015 @ 3:30 a.m, currently listening to Bon Iver:

As many of you may know, I have been privileged enough to travel to Florence, Italy to study at Lorenzo de’ Medici. I will be taking a few fashion classes which I am ecstatic about. I can only imagine how amazing and passionate the professors will be here. This experience will definitely (and already has been) life-changing. This is my third night here and it all has happened so quickly, but I have fallen in love. It truly feels like a movie and nothing ilke I imagined.

It’s currently the middle of the night and after tossing and turning in my twin bed, I decided to head to our living room to blog. I thought about beginning my blogs about Italy on Monday, but a head start never hurt no one. My goal is to blog at least five days a week before my classes considering my classes are in the afternoon. So here goes nothing…

Cheers to this wonderful journey.

  • If English + Spanish had a baby & sent it to bootcamp, then that would be equivalent to Italian. I have never taken a course to learn Italian, but prior to coming to Italy I knew it was somewhat similar to Spanish and being fortunate enough to be fluent in español, I was not worried about not being able to speak Italian. Shortly after my arrival in Italy, I discovered I can comprehend Italian pretty well…if I read it. If I hear the locals speaking, it is not the same. Italians speak incredibly fast, but I hope to catch on to some words before the end of the summer. I do love saying “garzie” to the cute waiters though. (;
  • Bidets are not urinals. When I first arrived to the apartment, I noticed how amazing it was. It has quite the vintage look, but with a touch of modern furniture. Well after exploring the apartment, I headed to the bathroom and noticed a tiny, oval toilet thing that was not THE toilet. So I said to my roommate “oh wow, we have a urinal.” Then, she told me that it was actually a bidet. DUH. How could I forget about this? I definitely learned about this awhile ago, but somehow didn’t think it would look like this.
  • It is harder than you think to find streets in Italy. Oh my GOD, I do not even want to talk about my walk to my apartment from one of the school buildings. Imagine a 5’1 petite girl wearing wedges dragging a 50-lb suitcase, a carry-on and wearing a 20-lb book bag ALL ON COBBLESTONE STREETS and tiny sidewalks. it was horrific. After receiving my keys to my apartment, I left my ISU friends and headed to my apartment on my own. (The lady at the front desk said walking would be completely fine!!!!) (NOT!) I walked in awe and pride for approximately twenty minutes until I could not find my street. I knew it was close to the duomo, but because the street signs are so tiny, I happened to miss my street. I was lost for about 30 minutes. It was horrible and I was on the verge of giving up. Luckily for me, this has been the worst thing that has happened thus far.
  • My roommates rock! I have gotten so lucky during this entire trip, but the people who surround you always make a difference. All three of my roomies arefrom different universities around the United States. Two of them are fashion majors and are incredibly talented. I cannot wait to spend more time with them to learn more about their interests and their experience in the fashion industry.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
  • Iced Water is for the spoiled. I am a hard-core lover of iced water with lemon. However, that is not a thing in Italy. water is expensive here and it’s never free at restaurants. AND to top it off, ice cubes are rare. So yet again Americans, consider yourselves lucky if you are drinking iced water. I will be suffering with my H2O this summer.

That’s it for tonight! Ciao! ❤


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