Pantone’s Seventies Vibe in Fall 2015

During the research of this era, I learned that history repeats itself. After reading and reviewing various sources, I came to the conclusion that the seventies are very similar to present day. Many of the social and environmental issues that were taking place in the late 60s to the 70s are similar to the changes that society is currently going through. As mentioned in Women’s Wear Daily (2015) when describing the color palette for this upcoming fall, Feitelberg states that many designers are describing the seventies and present day as very closely related because of financial unrest, international strife, and climate change. Also, many feminists and equality changes are happening today and a great amount of time college students are the most prevalent age group involved. This color palette, which is inspired by the seventies is full of earthy colors — not too bright, but also not too pastel heavy. Environmental awareness is also evident today. Although, it has been popular for awhile; now more than ever sustainability and recycling is becoming significant in people’s lives including large clothing companies.

seventies vibe

color pallete


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