THE Chanel Suit

Jackie Kennedy was known for her love for fashion abroad. She adored French designers and was one of the first to introduce French designers to America. While being the First Lady came with a great amount of responsibility, she attempted to keep her fashion business in the United States. The infamous pink Chanel suit that Jackie wore was designed by Chanel. However, the fabric was sent from the US to Chanel to the US house Chez Ninon. According to Justine Picardie, a Chanel historian, it was stitched together line-by-line especially for Jackie.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as this two-piece suit may be, it symbolizes a great amount of sorrow in US history. Although Jackie wore this ensemble various times, she wore it one final time when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The media states that Jackie kept it on hours after this horrific event to “let the people see what they’ve done.” The blood stained suit remains in a windowless room in the US National Archive.

pink suit


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