The House Always Influences

PX 81-32:61To begin with this time period, the presidency of John F. Kennedy is one of the most significant events not only in history, but also in fashion in particular. The Kennedy’s were simply breathtaking to say the least. Jackie with her signature bouffant hair and John always with his pearly white smile. They were by far THE power couple of the decade. John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States in 1960. Unlike previous presidents, he was young, good-looking and married to a fashionable woman. One of the most significant fashion trends Kennedy himself influenced was the hat or the lack of one, actually. He attended the inaugural without a hat in 1961. During this time, this was very unusual because men dressed without a hat was out of the norm. After this event, the use of hats in men declined. Kennedy might have had all eyes on him during political events, however the rest of the world had their eyes peeled on the First Lady. Jacqueline Kennedy, better known as Jackie Kennedy, became a major fashion influence. Some may even call her a fashion muse to this day. She was impeccable all round. She was a college graduate at the age of 22 and spoke various foreign languages. As mentioned in Daily Mail (2013), she happened to be the President’s “secret weapon.” Their wedding was described as a fairytale. Jackie’s wedding dress set the bar for future brides during this era. Her stunning wedding dress was made out of fifty yards of ivory silk taffeta as desired by Daily Mail (2013). However, this was only the beginning as Jackie Kennedy became a fashionista for the United States. kennedy family Jackie Kennedy was the epitome of simplicity. While most women of her age were all about the fuzzy wardrobes, Jackie kept it simple and elegant. She gave life to the “career woman look.” By making the “skirt suit” look flawlessly, she inspired many women to wear this ensemble. Jackie paired her skirt suit with a signature pillbox hat. Described as practical, feminine, and distinctive in Life magazine (2010). Even when the rest of the world was experimenting with the psychedelic colors, Jackie remained true to herself and stuck to her signature look.

OoooOO jackie


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