Nasty Gal




Nasty Gal. No, it is not a porn site. Although I cannot give myself credit for photographing this display, I had to add it to my journey of visual encounters. Sophia Amoruso recently opened her first brick-and-mortar store in LA this past November 22, 2014. I am a huge fan of Sophia because of her story. She started her business as a hobby on eBay and the rest was history. I highly recommend reading her book #GIRLBOSS. I read it this past summer and it has many significant life lessons every twenty-something young woman might come across in her fabulous life.


Anyway, back to display talk. I found this picture on @whowhatwear Instagram and instantly fell in love. I mean have you ever seen a more perfect shoe display? Everything about this display screams parfait.  Let’s begin with the top. The mannequins on the top of the display are dressed to the nines. I almost want to take a large chunk of change out of my bank account just to visit this store during Christmas break.

The second part of this display are the shoes. This display will even have the non-shoe lover (but who doesn’t love shoes?) want every pair on the display. The balance of this display is absolutely flawless. Every mannequin on the top looks amazing and every single pair of shoes is aligned to perfection. There is no way anyone walking past this would miss it. Sophia, once again, you’ve proved to the world that you are indeed…A GIRLBOSS! Can’t wait to visit Nasty Gal one day and hope to see one opening in Chicago soon!


3 thoughts on “Nasty Gal

  1. WOW! I looove this display! The black and white mannequins at the top are already visually really interesting, but then the shoes take it to a whole other level! I would be shocked if this display didn’t catch everybody’s eye walking past. This display is very powerful with line and rhythm. There is no single focal point, but that’s the beauty of this display. The shoes give off a geometric design, which I love. Thank you for sharing this awesome picture!


  2. Love Sophia Amoruso! I still need to get my hands on her book, but from what I’ve read about her so far, she’s such an inspiring woman! My Instagram feed was flooded with pics of the store the day her first store opened. If only we lived in California! But maybe hopefully some time in the future, she’ll decide to open a store in Illinois! There’s definitely a lot of Nasty Gal’s reppin’ it here in the Chicago area, so it would definitely be successful! Enough about that, I love the actual display! The outfits are everything! I want to be those girls! And the shoes! They’re just perfection! Love love love!


  3. This is an amazing blog about Nasty Gal! I was drawn in by your talk of the company and how it relates to the fact that Sophia’s store display in Chicago has such a great set up. I love that you compared the display to a parfait! The repetition of the shoes is a great emphasis factor that allow our eyes to flow seemingly up to the well balanced and beautifully dressed mannequins. Everything has equal balance apart from one another and the display props. Even the mannequins that are left and right sides of the middle mannequin, and they are standing on the lower step have equal line up with their shoes and the shoes throughout the display! That definitely shows that the display was professionally put together with attention to every detail. The display also follows all of the elements of design in such a creative “parfait” way that I have never seen before!


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