New York is never a bad idea.

This window instantly caught my eye because of the enormous ornaments. Like other window displays, they used ornaments hanging in various lengths for decoration. Although many places do this, it is still effective because all of the ornaments are different. Depending on how the designer arranges them and the size of the actual ornaments this type of decoration can easily be done. This display belonged to New York and Company. It’s a perfect window display for the type of store. They have their sale promotion sign in the middle, the mannequins, and the ornaments on the side. It is a simple concept, but still effective because of the balance between the display. The customer can easily learn about the sale as they are walking which is the point of this particular window display.



2 thoughts on “New York is never a bad idea.

  1. This window reminds me of the window we did!! I love that the ornaments are all different sizes. We should’ve done that with ours! But oh well! I agree that the sale signage was the the focal point of the display. It’s a fairly large sign, but doesn’t over power the display, so it works well with all of the other components in the window.


  2. I think that the variation of large ornaments was a great idea for the holidays and the signage ties in well with the color scheme. The display is balanced with the mannequins on the opposite side of the signage, in comparison to the ornaments, but I almost feel that it would have been better to only have one mannequin if they are going to have 1/2 mannequins mostly covered up. Of course then this would require the display to have more to the bottom so that it is proportional to the window size. I also felt that the store background needed to be covered because it confuses consumers’ eyes on what is apart of the display and what is not especially since the mannequins outfits don’t color coordinate with the rest of the display. I might be critical, but I think that all of those minor changes to the display would create an amazing one because they had the right idea and creativity!


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