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…AND another window display from Orland Square Mall. However, this display was not one of my favorites. I would consider caché to be on the higher end of the spectrum as opposed to the other retail stores. It is mostly a store for formal dresses and accessories. This window display just does not speak that to me. Although the concept is great and could have been completely successful, there are a few details that I can easily point out were not so successful. First off, the back curtain is not covering the background of the store. I find this distracting. It is a simplistic window, but with the curtain showing it suddenly loses its point and becomes a distraction. It looks like they simply did not think about this. For the size of the window, the top decoration also seems off centered to me. It looks like it needs to be stretched out to the left a little more to be centered or just be put in a different spot. As I previously mentioned, although I do like the way this window COULD have looked with the same concepts; there are too many details that were not paid attention to. I also think the jewelry and the accessories could have been displayed higher. The designer could have used a stand with the same box concept and displayed the jewelry on there. For the size of Orland Square Mall and the traffic that passes by, this window was not successfully put together.

On the contrary side, I do like the mannequins they used. The two of the mannequins were effective in the balance and with their stance they have a proper placement. I also like the concept of the boxes. It instantly reminds me that it is the season of giving and I should be shopping for others. So the box on the floor were a plus in my opinion! So caché, for the merchandising you are offering your consumer it is time to step up your game with holiday windows!  photo 1-5



One thought on “caché

  1. I agree with you that this isn’t one of my favorite windows. Everything you pointed out was pretty much true. To me this window just looks messy with how the bags, boxes, and accessories are displayed on the bottom. It almost looks like it’s Christmas morning and all the presents were just opened. So they definitely could’ve done this better!


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