little ones need fashion too…

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This window display was also at Orland Square Mall in Orland Park. My family is expecting our first little one in twenty-two years! (I’m the youngest) My sister-in-law is expecting a little girl in February and we could not be happier! I am suddenly paying so much more attention to baby clothes. Janie and Jack is a baby clothing store that has always caught my eye. It is so prestige and high-end for baby clothes. The window displays are always professional and are also very realistic. They simply look like adult window displays that have been shrunk. The way the two mannequins are placed in the window creates a perfect balance in the display. Although it is a small window, it is the perfect size and the designers were able to use the space effectively. It simple, but detailed enough to know that holidays are right around the corner and Janie and Jack has the perfect holiday outfit for your little one this season. Most definitely a fan of these little dainty displays!


2 thoughts on “little ones need fashion too…

  1. I really like this window display, but then again I’m in love with baby clothes and christmas time! Couldn’t agree anymore with your blog! The placement is awesome of the mannequins- not to mention the clothing of choice are absolutely adorable!! LOVE!!!


  2. This is window is so adorable, I think it is one of the better childrens’ wear display windows I have seen! It looks like a mini version of a display window for adult men. The cuteness of the mini tree with the metallic ornaments really catchers the shoppers’ eye, and I doubt that any mom shopping for holiday clothes for their little ones could pass this store up. The little mannequins are perfectly balanced with the tree to the side of them, and I think this was a very successful window, overall.


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