Pottery Barn (Holiday Edition)

One of my favorite things to do when I go home is go shopping at my hometown mall with my mom. No hard feelings for the lovely Bloomington mall, but Eastland just does not fulfill my love for shopping completely. While I was walking the mall with my mom, I noticed Pottery Barn’s window displays. Pottery Barn is just one of the stores where you want to live in it. The window displays were nothing other than perfect. The first window display was focusing more on the “home” feel. It was simple, yet the message was evident and clear. It was decorated like a simplistic living room with a touch of some holiday spirit with the red pillows to add some color pop. This window does an outstanding job focusing on the details which also creates a great amount of emphasis on the holidays approaching. One could tell the window display had much thought into it and was not anything that was thrown together just because.

The second window. When I noticed the second window, I was in awe. Christmas happens to be one of my favorite holidays and I personally think the decor for this holiday is the best. This window was dramatic, but it was very appropriate for the the winter season. The details were flawless from top to bottom. I was also impressed (and super excited!) that they had ornaments hanging from the ceiling because Amy and I did a similar decoration for our last window. (YAY!) The ornaments were hanging in various lengths and created a balance within the window display. It instantly caught your eye and there was no empty space in the window. photo-13




2 thoughts on “Pottery Barn (Holiday Edition)

  1. I really like the second window display! I agree, it is dramatic but not overdone. My eyes are constantly moving around when I look at it, and the details are amazing. The hanging ornaments are a nice touch as well. Great post!


  2. Definitely agree with you about Eastland Mall! But I love both of these windows! The first thing I though of when I saw the first one was that I want to live in that window! It’s just so cozy and inviting! The second window I was in awe of as well! Funny enough, I hate glitter, but I love it at the same time! The display is so eye catching and marvelous!


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