Sparkle with Express






photo 1-8

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it from the shopping to the decorations. So I was not surprised when this window display instantly caught my eye. All of the aspects of this window are done successfully. I could tell whoever designed this window definitely took the time to think it out. I loved the color combination of the silver, red and green together. It was festive without overdoing it and making it too “cheesy.”  The mannequins also create a balance in the window display. Notice how the male mannequin’s placement is higher than than the woman mannequin. This makes it realistic and also creates a balance since the male mannequin is also bigger. The picture in the back is centered and creates a unity within the entire display since the models are also dressed in holiday outfits. Just in one window display, Express was able to show FOUR outfits that they carry this holiday season. I was impressed. Then, if that was not enough, they add the gift boxes in different height to display a pair of heels and some clutches for women. Overall, this is an amazing holiday window!

photo 2-8


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