White House Black Market

photo 2-2



The location I observed this time was College Hills. College Hills is a small shopping center in Normal, Illinois. Despite how small it is, it still is the perfect size for Normal. The look of it is prestige and high-end. The first window that caught my eye were the windows at White House Black Market. Although it happened to be a beautiful fall day, this was not the best time for pictures so I am apologizing for the glare in the windows from the sun. The first window at White House Black Market was simple. It had a large poster with a model displaying the colors black and white. I found this extremely appropriate since the store’s name is “White House Black Market.” The name itself is classy and elegant. The window displays did an amazing job portraying the store’s style. This same window had signage that read “New & Now.” This really caught the audience’s attention because of the color red and the way it was bold and stood out. The second window had more mannequins. I was very impressed with the way they incorporated the scarves and shoes. They used two tall stands to display a pair of heels and another one to hang up a scarf. Both of these are items that are difficult to display, but still should be displayed because there might be that fashion enthusiast who is looking for the perfect pair of black heels. White House Black Market did a wonderful job with their displays. photo 1-2



 photo 1-3photo 3-4photo 2-3


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