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Another store that I visited was Loft. This is a store that I normally do not shop at. Although I do like the style, I think it is a little mature for my liking. (I prefer boutiques like Francesca’s.) However, the window displays were flawless. They were organized perfectly and the unity between all of the mannequins was clear and easy to follow. This is important for consumers that like the clean, organized look. The proportion was also successful because all of the mannequins fit and looked naturally when the consumer saw the window. I really admired the way the mannequins were standing at different heights. This enhances the look of the mannequins and create a rhythm. Loft is a classy, chic store that displays its windows accordingly to its style.

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One thought on “Loft

  1. The Loft window display was one of my favorite. It’s easy on the eyes and The Loft made it easy for consumers to paint a picture in their minds about the type of women who shops at The Loft.I think the picture “signage” really ties the entire window together because it really shows what target market The Loft is pushing for.


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