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Francesca’s is a boutique that I have been familiar with for a couple years now. Its style is one that definitely always catches my eye. Although, the displays are always busy because this boutique tends to always be crowded with merchandise, they happened to be well coordinated. My favorite part about this window display was the signage. It read “Fall into Fabulous.” It was very eye-catching since the season happens to also be fall. So when I looked at it, I instantly thought about shopping for fall. This display really brought a “lifestyle” into play. Francesca’s chose to display more than just mannequins. It also had various home decorations that the girl who would purchase from Francesca’s would have. This was not only helpful to portray the style of the store, but also created a balance between the entire display by having it in the middle of the window. Like I said, although it is more crowded than other displays, an experienced boutique shopper knows that boutique do such a thing and are accustomed to this. However, I still think the colors create a rhythm throughout the display and it helps that there are other decor besides mannequins.




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