Christmas Creations

photo-9Although it is not even Halloween yet, I am that person that does not mind seeing the Christmas decorations early in the year. I love Christmas and I love retail, therefore I know preparation for holidays is key. This window display belonged to a store that has not open yet in College Hills, but it is in the process of being opened. Considering it is a holiday window, it is more acceptable to break rules from the “principles of design.” I loved this window display because it really did create a Christmas mood. The fireplace setting created the perfect unity between the entire display because when one thinks of Christmas, one can instantly think of stockings hanging up on a fireplace. The colors that were used also assisted to create that perfect little “Christmas mood.” Overall, although it was early in the season, I really enjoyed this window and think it was done well creating an emphasis of the season slowly creeping up on us.



One thought on “Christmas Creations

  1. I love this window! It makes me so happy! I actually don’t remember seeing this one while I was roaming around the Shoppes at College Hills the other day, but it definitely grabs your attention immediately because of all the bright reds and the shiny ornaments!


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