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Zara is a store that always has simple windows. These type of windows work because it fits their style of clothing– simple and chic.

The first window was the display for little girls’. Zara had a large window to work with, however they did not make it overwhelming for the consumer. They stayed true to their style and stayed simplistic. The mannequins are all in a different stance, therefore the placement of them happens to be one of the most important concepts in this window. The placement was successfully and the mannequins look flawless. One’s eye can easily move from one mannequin to another. This is effective for Zara because the guest walking by could easily get a peek at all of the girls’ merchandise. If I were a parent, I would definitely be tempted to shop the little girls’ section.

The women’s display was just as effective as the little girls’ display. The mannequins’ stance also varied which again create a balance in the window. Both of the displays had a decoration in the back which is simple, but helps with proportion. I also liked how both of the displays were similar. It help keep a storyline together as the customer would be walking. These displays were effective and fit Zara’s brand personality.

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One thought on “Z A R A

  1. Love these windows! I’m always amazed at how the style the little kid’s mannequins because they’re always so stylish and make me want to be that age again because I certainly was not that fashionable when I was young! I agree that the hanging decoration in the back on both windows helps to keep the storyline similar! It makes everything consistent with the brand!


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