i m p u l s e

Chicago does it again. It doesn’t really surprise me that my favorite window displays were in the city. Big cities call for window displays which fit their atmosphere.

This window display was at Macy’s downtown. It was displaying the brand, impulse, at Macy’s. Impluse is a contemporary brand for women. While I have never shopped the brand, this window display does an amazing job bringing the brand to life. (Like most of the window displays in the city do.) The details in this particular window display were flawless. The more I observe it the more I notice that I didn’t before. This is a window display that did have actual clothing items, but still brought a lifestyle to life. The background not only brings the lifestyle of the contemporary woman who would be sporting this wardrobe, but also creates a unity and rhythm within the window display. It creates a unity with the mannequins  due to the color. Since many of the colors being used are white and black, adding other colors with the display creates a rhythm and makes it easy on the eye for it to flow.



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