Giorgi Armani

photo 2-7

Chicago had some of the most prestigious window displays I photographed this semester. This window display was for the fragrance Si by Giorgi Armani. I never really thought about fragrances having their own window display. However, this window is creative as well as proportioned very well. The background is effective for the purpose of advertising the fragrance because the name Si is all over it. Anyone who looks at this background would instantly remember the name of Armani’s fragrance. Although I have never had the opportunity to smell Si, just by looking at this display one can assume it is a fragrance for a classy, elegant woman. By using only a few colors and dressing the mannequin in that way, the designer is also creating a lifestyle for the fragrance. The overall way that this display was portrayed was successful. The message was clear and to the point in the most effortless way.



photo 1-7


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