photo 3The first window display I observed in downtown Bloomington was gigi BOTTEGA. I loved the colors of this boutique. The entire exterior of the store was black with the title of the store written in white. Being a lover of the color black and white, this is a color combination that instantly caught my eye. In my opinion, this color combination simply “sets the mood” and looks elegant. It can easily make a great first impression. The actual window was simple, yet it told the entire prestige of the story. The colors on the mannequin were overall basic and there was not much going on, yet this created the perfect atmosphere for the store. What I really adored about this window display are the placement of the mannequins. The unity of the window display is incredible and the way the colors are all different, but still blend says a lot about this window display. There are simple fall accents that also sets the mood and enhances the emphasis of the window display. By simply adding the fall accents, the consumer feels the need to look inside the boutique and possibly find some fall staples for her wardrobe. The message stays clear without the entire window. I was definitely a fan of this window display.

photo 1

photo 2


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