CROSSROADS Fair Trade: Goods & Gifts

photo 5-2

Another little shop I was impressed with was a fair trade shop. Although the window display was busy and colorful, I still believe it matched the prestige of the store perfectly. A great amount of items that were sold in the store were being displayed in the window and a customer could see them through the window. This was very appropriate for the store because the customer can see the items and it portrays the message the store is trying to send out. I really liked the way items were hanging from the ceiling. There was a hammock and other things. I think  this added balance and unity to the store because without it items would simply be on the floor. I also liked how the store’s mission was written on the window. It was not taking over, but a costumer would definitely be able to see it. It read “A non-profit volunteer staffed shop providing vital fair wages Artisans in need.” Way to go, Crossroads! That immediately caught my eye.



One thought on “CROSSROADS Fair Trade: Goods & Gifts

  1. This window was definitely bright, colorful, and a little cluttered, but there is a harmony to it. Crossroads seems like a cute little fair trade store! I would have loved to go inside and look around.


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