Pacific Sunwear



IMG_0809Another window display that captured my attention at Eastland Mall was the one being displayed at PacSun. PacSun is a clothing store that is always inspired by a Golden Coast vibe. Think California. So of course, the window displays are set up very differently compared to Gap. First of all, this window display had a vast amount of variety in the props, however, it seemed to still appeal to the customer. It was beneficial that the balance on this window display was consistent. Although it was busy, each item still stood out individually. For instance, it was an excellent idea for the metal rack to be in the middle. It adds an emphasis on these items and in the middle of the window display. Shoes are also being displayed. These type of items can be difficult to display, but I like how PacSun added the boxes to create more of an emphasis on them and not simply put them on the floor. Overall, I like this window display and although it was a little more on the creative side, I still think it was effective and the message was brought to the consumer.




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