Gap had minimalistic window displays, yet they were effective to reach the public’s attention. They made a great first impression for any customer walking by. Their signage was simple, yet immediately caught your eye as you walked by. The window read “black is a color” in large white letters. Being an enthusiast of the color black, I really liked this message. It was clear and to the point. The color black has been extremely present in the street styles and has been more popular than ever. Although, there was not very much black displayed in the window, one can immediately be aware that the color black can be seen in many products in the store upon entering. This made the window display’s message clear and to the point. The emphasis is also the signage and the picture in the back, however, since the saying “black is a color” has good placement and causes proportion of the entire display to be successful.IMG_0796

The second window display of denim was more on the creative side, but still very successful. It definitely had more rhythm and balance to it. The repetition of the denim hanging from the ceiling is appealing to the eye and immediately catches the audience’s attention. The rhythm of the pairs of denim is consistent in the form that it is not evenly proportioned, but since they are all hanging at different heights this makes it appealing to the consumer. The mannequins on the side of the denim display also create a balance in the window display by placing one on each side. IMG_0801



One thought on “Gap

  1. I love the window with the denim hanging on it! I think in any window display if you hang something, it will immediately grab your attention because you’ll want to see what is hanging on it! I also loved how simple the other window with the signage was because the sign is huge so you’re bound to look at it one way or another!


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