Express is another store that had amazing window displays. I really liked that they had displays for both, men and women. They had two window displays for women. The first window display is one with signage with Kate Upton in the background. This window does an amazing job displaying balance. Although the visual team for Express decided to have signage, they also added mannequins, but it never seemed overwhelming. They utilize two black backgrounds behind the mannequins to create the perfect unity between the signage. It is not as simple as other window displays, but the message is clear and to the point. The consumer can easily see what Express is promoting. Express was also displaying a method of advertising that many retail stores utilize. They are using celebrities and other magazine companies to promote. This naturally catches the consumer’s attention and the store’s credibility increases.

The second window display for women’s clothing was a little more simple compared to the first one,, however, the balance of this window display was impeccable. I fell in love with the way the mannequins were placed. It almost looks as if the mannequins are models because of how perfectly proportioned they are. I was definitely a fan of this window display. It was straight to the point, simple, but yet had its own speciality that made it unique. The colors stay the same throughout the window display and I think this also helps create a unity within the display.



The men’s display was a lot smaller compared to the women’s. It still captured the consumer’s attention and created a balance. This window also utilizes signage and one simple mannequin, however, the mannequin is displaying a men’s suit. Therefore the message continues to stay clear when a consumer reads the sticker that says “seriously sharp.” Express decided to use GQ for advertising purposes on the men’s side. I think it was very appealing that they had Kate Upton and GQ in their window displays. It creates consistency with the customer that they had Kate Upton for the women and GQ. It brings the message to the consumer of who an individual might be that might make purchases in this store.








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