Apricot Lane




To start off, Uptown Normal is one of my favorite locations near Illinois State’s campus. It has a small town traditional look, yet some aspects of it happen to be very modern and updated. So it was not a surprise when I loved all of the window displays I photographed. I will begin with one of my favorites-Apricot Lane. As any other college gal on campus, I adore Apricot Lane. It has the perfect little boutique touch. The name itself sounds soft and sweet. The window displays for this season made me forget that school was back in session and made me crave fall even more. The displays were a traditional American fall setting. The only downfall about these window displays was  the lighting was not working in its favor. Although, they most definitely did catch my eye (no surprise here) and were very warm and inviting; the  sun seem to cause a shadow and making it difficult to catch all of the details in the window display.

Front Side of Boutique
Front Side of Boutique

However, one special aspect about the exterior of this boutique was that they had some side windows that had impeccable lighting. Although they were on the side, I could spot every detail. Overall, Apricot Lane had flawless window displays.

Side View
Side View



One thought on “Apricot Lane

  1. I really love the outfits in the side windows! I think it’s unfortunate that it’s difficult to see what’s in the front windows because of the sun, so it’s good that they at least have more windows on the side! It’s also clear that there is a plaid theme going on with each window, which I like! It shows consistency and that they actually thought about all the windows as a whole instead of just putting random outfits for each window.


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